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Imagine Antarctica

A Conversation With The End Of The World

At the age of 21, Grace was considered the youngest artist sponsored to visit Antarctica, after she won the Wallara Travelling Scholarship awarded by the University of Melbourne during her graduate year.


The collection of photographs created from her travels to the Antarctic region were exhibited at and donated to The Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick; as part of their art collection, designed to inspire and comfort young patients and their families.


While these photographic works, featured below, are not a part of Grace's art practice, they are treasured documentary images of the pristine region, featuring many iceberg formations, which no longer exist today.


They will also feature in a book by Grace about the inner wisdom she discovered at the end of the world on the subject of consciousness and freedom.

Printed photographic works previewed below are available for sale directly from the House Of Liberté, by visiting this link


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