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VR Film & Video Installation - Coming in 2021

ASCENSIO is a new work-in-development exploring timelessness and the fall of power.


What if time did not exist and we could access everything we are/were before, during and after birth—even death. ASCENSIO explores the concept of having total freedom beyond human consciousness and the experience of waking up from being human into becoming an awakened and enlightened multi-dimensional being, unlimited by time, space or physical reality.


What if - beyond time - the aspects of ourselves and our culture that we loathe became enlightened also?

Below: Character Study Development feat. performance and choreography by Kate Sherman. 

In Development | Request Proposal

Work-in-Progress 2K test shot with GoPro Black |  Preview of R & D work at Grace's solo artist residency

New Work trailer for  'ASCENSIO' to be released in 2021





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