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Full-Scale Immersive Installation

Storey was a fully-immersive installation, which saw the empty Counihan Gallery, Melbourne transformed into the lobby of a surrealist luxury hotel named, ‘The Anatol’, referencing a book of the same name by Arthur Schnitzler about the adventures of a careless womaniser (Schnitzler was also the author of Dream Story, the basis of Stanley Kubrick's film, Eyes Wide Shut)


The gallerists wore costumes for the duration of the exhibition, with newly assigned identities; Nick Carraway and Norma Jean. Within the hypnotic space, the sound of an orchestra tuning its instruments looped, in amongst the background music—Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear' by The Carpenters—creating a space of never-ending expectation.


Theatrical lighting by Luke hails was integrated into the space, highlighting every detail from the grand piano, Christmas tree, to the paintings and flowers; like a theatrical stage, including a roof lit in Yves Klein electric blue. 


Storey was a living capsule of the capitalist dream inspired by Grace's artist residency to the Antarctic in 2003, as winner of the Wallara Travelling Scholarship, Melbourne University's top graduate art prize.


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