Feat. Lead Actor, Kate Sherman

The Perfect Boy Myth

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Single & Multi-channel Video Installation

The Perfect Boy Myth was written and directed by Liberté Grace and shot by Australian Cinematographer, Joel Peterson with music by Basil Hogios. It showcases the work of a creative team of over 100 people from all over the world, who contributed to creating this story of a small racist society of orphaned children ruled by a charismatic child who claims he will, "Protect them from evil" and "Bring the great mother back to life".


With historical references to Nazi Germany, a chilling story from the Vietnam war, and inspired by the Cronulla Race Riots of 2005 in Sydney, Australia; The Perfect Boy Myth is a fairy-tale, which plays upon familiar fairy-tale archetypes. It integrates historical references to real-life events, through a look at the darker side of the idealism at the basis of cultural programming within traditional archetypal story-telling.







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