VR Film & Video Installation

An enlightened being unlimited by time, space or reality freely dances through the halls of human power—uninvited but ever-present.


The character of the WILD ONE observes—while being invisible and unseen—theatrical scenes of power-players at private parties, pretend moments of socio-political importance, as a witness to private and forbidden truths. Each character he/she observes is a mirror and past-life self of the WILD ONE.


After journeying through multiple past-lives, the WILD ONE comes to a new level of wisdom—through dance—about the power and human dynamics that are occurring with wisdom, so that they may be finally released back into the ethers. 


Each aspect becomes a ghost that disappears, until….finally, there is nobody left, except for the WILD ONE...leaving only the perfume of freedom in its midst.

Character Study Development Footage below: Password - Enlighten

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