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Rosemary's House Writer's Retreat

Liberté Grace was selected for a coveted 1-week

Writer's Residency in Greece in 2023 to support the workshopping of RUBY — a story and feature film concept — into a young adult novel and screenplay, under the mentorship of acclaimed poet and writer, Jenny Zhang.

Special thanks to Create NSW for their sponsorship of the residency and founder Angelica Toumbas for the valuable opportunity.

Update: Grace has been selected as the first Writer-in-Residence in 2024 to attend for the full residency program to continue developing RUBY and WILD ONE.

Australian artist and filmmaker Liberté Grace has been awarded the Churchie National Emerging Art Prize 2013 for her video work The Perfect Boy Myth (Version 1).

Leading Sydney gallerist and art dealer Roslyn Oxley judged this year's proceedings, choosing the artist's work as the overall winner from 32 finalists. She called the work, "mature, gutsy and highly sophisticated".


The main component tells the story of an isolated orphan society ruled by a charismatic and racist leader.

Liberté Grace currently works and resides in Sydney and Los Angeles, where she is working on her first feature project, titled RUBY.

Liberté Grace is an artist and filmmaker working across installation, film, photography, and sculpture. Her experimental film, The Perfect Boy Myth combines non-linear storytelling with a twist of Greek tragedy. The film unfolds in a theatrical world played on a stage complete with grotesque masks and rife with symbolism, where a mob of orphaned children are seduced by the stories of a charming orator with frightening consequences.

In creating the film, Liberté Grace was "inspired by a desire to discover the hidden dynamics of racial prejudice". It is an exploration of racism and a consideration of language constructs that link black to evil and white to goodness and light. Grace is interested in how this most basic understanding of good and evil can play a part in forming negative perceptions of race. The film considers how uses of language shape our understanding and at what level we recognise this effect unconsciously. 

July 30, 2013 | Written by Amy-Clare McCarthy

The Perfect Boy Myth Redux | Imaginarium was written and directed by artist and filmmaker, Liberté Grace and shot by Australian Cinematographer, Joel Peterson. The Perfect Boy Myth Redux | Imaginarium is a fairy-tale film with historical references to Nazi Germany, including a chilling story from the Vietnam war and inspired by the Cronulla Riots of 2005 in Sydney. In this film, Grace plays upon familiar fairy-tale archetypes; integrating historical references to real-life events. Grace explores the darker side of the idealism at the basis of cultural programming within traditional archetypal story-telling. The Perfect Boy Myth Redux | Imaginarium showcases the work of a creative team of over 100 people from all over the world who contributed to creating this story of a small racist society of orphaned children ruled by a charismatic child who claims he will, "protect them from evil" and "bring the great mother back to life".

Art Basel’s Film sector will return for its second year and will present 38 works by 36 artists, exploring seven diverse themes curated by Beijing and Zurich-based multi-media artist and producer Li Zhenhua. Highlights of the program include seminal works from the 1960s and 70s by artists Marina Abramović and Michael Craig-Martin, alongside important video work by Yu Cheng-ta, Cheng Ran and Yan Xing, and many others. New works by Chen Tianzhuo, Lu Yang and Song Kun will be premiered within the sector. The Art Basel film program will be shown at the agnès b. CINEMA at the Hong Kong Arts Centre from Saturday, March 14 to Tuesday, March 17.

Li Zhenhua's selection for the Hong Kong show explores seven different themes. ‘Urbanity’ reflects on the fears exposed by urban development on a global scale, featuring work by Chen Tianzhuo, Song Kun, UJINO and Raed Yassin, while ‘Minor Revolution’ focuses on two powerful works by Tatzu Nishi and Yu Cheng-ta. ‘Healing’ looks at the process and attempt of overcoming pain and trauma with works by Shimabuku, Lei Benben, MASBEDO (Nicolò Massazza and Jacopo Bedogni), Aikaterini Gegisian, Hiroko Okada, Yukihiro Taguchi, Liu Yujia, and Liu Xinyi. Showing video pieces by Chen Qiulin, Hsu Chia-Wei, Yao Jui-Chung, Cao Guimarães, Zhou Tao, and Liu Shiyuan, 'Nowhere' looks at spaces that are 'non-spaces', while ‘Reperform, Reconstruct, Represent’ is dedicated to recurring stories, like the ones that have been passed on by travelling poets and storytellers. The program will feature work by Tobias Bernstrup, John Akomfrah, Liberte Grace, Lei Lei, Yan Xing and Yao Qingmei. ‘Animated Reality’ will try to deconstruct the boundaries between the real and fantasy and looks at perception, showing works by Lu Yang, Adam Shecter, Hans Op de Beeck, Chang Li-Ren, Zhang Xiaotao, and Richard Lewer. On Tuesday, the film program ends with ‘Goddess’, showing 'Freeing the Voice' by Marina Abramović from 1975 alongside work by Cheng Ran.

Thank you to the following generous artists who donated artworks to the RUBY silent art auction held at The FLAG Art Foundation, courtesy of Glenn Fuhrman and Stephanie Roach, to benefit RUBY feature film in development by artist Liberté Grace.


Special thanks and gratitude also to Cheim & Read Gallery and Daniel Lechner for making this event possible.














Photographs Courtesy of Stephen Laudau Photography, New York

Imagine Antarctica

Liberté Grace donated a series of photographs she took at the ends of the earth: Antarctica, after winning the Wallara Travelling Scholarship, which subsided her maiden journey there—to the Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick.

At the age of 21, she was considered the youngest artist in the world to have been sent to Antarctica, after winning the top graduate prize at the Victorian Collage of the Arts, Melbourne University, for the development of her unique art practice.

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