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This R&D footage was shot "hand-held" using a GoPro Black camera without a crew by Grace, during her French artist residency—featuring choreography and performance by Kate Sherman, as a pre-visualisation for her project-in-development: WILD ONE

Following and due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, Grace transformed this R&D footage on her home computer, into a new work entitled, ASCENSIO being released in 2021.

To access full details of the concept for this project visit the Project page.

The Perfect Boy Myth

The Perfect Boy Myth was Grace's first film shot with a cast and crew of 100 artists in NSW.


The project sought to deconstruct racism, in response to the 2005 Cronulla Race Riots.

Grace conceived of the project at age 24 with no prior experience in filmmaking.

The work went on to win the Churchie National Emerging Art Prize and was selected for showcase at Art Basel, Hong Kong and within the Cannes Short Film Corner. Trailers are viewable here.


To access full details for this project visit the Project page.

The Little Mouse 


Sample trailer from The Perfect Boy Myth art/video project featuring Pierre N. Le as 'The Little Mouse'. 

More The Perfect Boy Myth character trailers are available at Grace's video library in-development:


Storey was Grace's first solo exhibition at Counihan Gallery after graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts at the age of 21.


Following her trip to Antarctica, which she won as the top graduate student of her year, she created Storey inspired by Arthur Schnitzler's book, 'Dream Story'. This work was self-funded by Grace's minimum wage job as an usherette.

During this time, she developed her love of cinema and was inspired to expand her art practice into filmmaking.

To access full details of for this project visit the Project page.

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